ISMS consultancy and Implementation

Pardazeshgaran has a very innovative methodology in ISMS (Information Security Management System) based on ISO/IEC 27001 implementation. This methodology is based on a belief that ISMS should be implemented in all organizations and companies whether it is small or medium or huge. Because in every organization, ISMS implementation should be customized, Pardazeshgaran decided to define some themes and assign one theme for the organization at the early stages of ISMS implementation. This theme was chosen based on the classification that Pardazeshgaran had by its experiences and was based on the organization’s ICT maturity, complexity, number of ICT staff, the organization of ICT, the ICT or security budget, and so on.

ISMS needs a lot of steps to be completed and for each step, Pardazeshgaran has produced some separates documents in MS Excel and MS Word, and the efficiency and correctness of all these documents have been tested and the customers had been certified in ISO/IEC 27001 by the accredited bodies. In these type of services (e.g. consultancy) the most important factor is time and to overcome this shortage Pardazeshgaran started developing a windows application for ISMS containing these documents and forms but it had some difficulties for implementation and maintenance in the organization and it needs a lot of simplifications or training staff and troubleshooting and updating and then Alireza Sajjadieh and his team decided to make all these changes and develop it as a SaaS for a lot of companies in the world.