Pardazeshgaran was found by Alireza Sajjadieh and his team in 2001 and started contracting to do some projects mostly in the computer network security field. About 2004, ISMS implementation (Information Security Management System) became mandatory for most governmental organizations in Iran and about 2009, having a certification for ISO/IEC 27001 became a regulation for more than 3500 organizations in Iran. has done some big projects in ISMS for many giant organizations like the Central Bank of Iran, Kosar Credit Institute, Bank of Industry and Mine, BandarAbas Oil Refinery Company, West Regional Electrical Company, and a lot more who was certified in ISO 27001 in Iran. Pardazeshgaran has ranking number one in Iran in consultation and implementation of ISO 27001.

The company has 15 full time IT engineer and 6 part-time experts who are all working in ISMS projects. The company’s full legal name is: Pardazeshgaran Dade(h) Aray(e) Sepahan (LLC)

In 2020, a team of; including the CEO, found a startup to develop very professional software for ISMS implementation; which is names iSecureData; and want to become an enterprise. It will be a SaaS for ISMS. Here is a description of this SaaS.