Amin Plan is an innovation from Pardazeshgaran and it was started by realizing a very big problem in organizations that wants security and they were forced to implement ISMS by regulations but they had no maturity to implement a management system for their information security. Pardazeshgaran started a plan to help those organizations to implement all the technical controls in accordance with ISO 27001 and then after fixing their technical security concerns, they could implement all phases of ISMS. Those security controls were about one-third of all controls in annex A of ISO 27001 and were describing all technical controls in detail. Pardazeshgaran had used a lot of InfoSec documents of DoD (Department of Defense of the USA), CISCO best practices, and Microsoft guidelines in writing the Amin Plan. Amin plan was chosen as the de facto standard for most information security tenders and RFPs in Iran and was announced as the selected InfoSec plan by ” Iran ICT Guild organization”. In this plan, Pardazeshgaran had described most of the activities about planning minimum requirements of network topology and also minimum requirements for hardening.