iSecureData is an Information Security SaaS that helps solve the ever-increasing need of organizations in implementing ISMS (Information Security Management System) based on ISO/IEC 27001 and other information security standards and best practices and frameworks.

iSecureData will be implemented on a secure cloud and provides services as SaaS but it is possible to be implemented on a private cloud based on customers’ requests.

Implementing a management system for information security is a growing concern for all SMBs and enterprise companies in Canada and the USA as well as other countries. Choosing the right solution for information security and addressing the information security concerns is not just a challenge in the cost but a challenge for experts and consultants serving organizations. iSecureData is a SaaS for all organizations to help solve this problem. The key value proposition is iSecureData’s systematic approach and its methodology to implement ISMS; which is based on more than 15 years of experience in implementing ISMS in a variety of organizations.

iSecureData is a service business. iSecureData will help individuals to manage InfoSec for their information assets. Also, iSecureData SaaS will offer organizations the ability to Implement ISMS as follows:

Based on the ISMS phases which are specified in ISO/IEC 27001 standard, in a step by step process, the system asks very simple but deep questions to help the organization to identify its information security risks and then based on related standards and best practices and using recommendation system based on AI, it will suggest managerial or systematic or technical tasks and solutions mitigate these risks. These tasks and solutions are assigned to designated staff and they can update their task status so the managers can get sufficient reports and tracking the progress of the ISMS in the organization. If the organization prefers to be certified based on ISO/IEC 27001, the auditors can get helpful reports from this software. This software can be used to implement all other standards and best practices and framework which are related to information security (e.g. GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST800-53, etc.). The most value of this system is its simplicity and effectiveness in implementing ISMS which is mostly considered complex and not efficient implementation for organizations.

This SaaS has some innovation especially in its Risk Treatment Plan suggestion and recommendation system which is based on AI. The AI technics is rooted in the M.S. thesis of Mr. Alireza Sajjadieh and is fully explained in his IEEE paper in France. The Risk Treatment Plans are suggested to the organization based on what is their Risk and what plans were chosen by similar organizations with similar risk.